Willie And His Dog Diver

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Willie was a very little child and lived near a mill. One day he saw a

big cruel boy come along and throw a little puppy into the mill-pond,

and then run away. Willie cried out: "O Papa, Papa, do come here!"

"What is the matter?" said his papa.

"Oh, Papa! I want the little doggie! Please get him for me. He will be


His papa to
k a long pole and put it under the puppy's neck and pulled

it out of the water and gave it to Willie. He was very happy with his

dog, which, by next year, grew to be a big, strong, shaggy fellow, and

was named Diver. He used to go with Willie everywhere the boy went, and

he loved Willie very much. Everybody said: "What a beautiful dog!" and

Willie was proud of him.

One day when the nuts were ripe, Willie took his basket and went to pick

hazelnuts. One big bush full of nuts hung over a deep place in the

mill-pond, and, as Willie reached for the top branch, he slipped and

fell in the water out of sight. But when he came up, Diver jumped in,

took him by his collar, and brought him safe to land. So if it was good

for Willie to save the dog's life when he was a little puppy, it was

good for the dog to save Willie's life when he was a little boy.

And that was Diver's way of thanking Willie for saving his life. It was

a very good way, too! And Willie and Diver were always the best of