The Successful Concert Of The Chickadees

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

Evelyn was very fond of little chickadees, and she was so

pleased when daddy said that he was going to tell them a story

about them that evening.

"You know," commenced daddy, "the chickadees had a concert the other

evening for the other birds. They sent out invitations on petals of

flowers, and on the petals they made little holes with their beaks. They

made six holes, meaning that the concert would begin
at 6 o'clock.

Exactly at 6 they all arrived.

"They were all invited to perch on the nearby apple tree and pear tree,

and the chickadees hopped about on the grass below.

"Then the concert began. First one little chickadee sang a very sweet

little solo, which won a great deal of applause.

"The choruses were enjoyed tremendously, too, and the refrain of

'chickadee-dee-dee' was lovely, the other birds thought.

"But, as you can imagine, the chickadee knew that it was the fashion to

have special features at concerts or at least one special feature.

"So as a surprise, just before the last number, which was a chorus

of all the chickadees, a special feature was announced by the

leader of the concert.

"'We are to have,' said the chickadee leader, 'a different number from

any other on the program.'

"At this all the birds looked at one another with astonishment.

"'We are to have,' the chickadee leader continued, 'a ballet.'

"Now, the birds knew that in 'really real' grand opera there is usually

a ballet, but to have one at their concert was wonderful.

"But before they had time to talk about it out came all the little

chickadees, dancing and hopping and wearing little wreaths of flowers

about their necks. Each carried a little flower in his beak, and every

flower was of a different color.

"For some time they danced in and out of a little circle which they

made. They received constant applause.

"It was something new and different to have a ballet dance at the

concert. The birds were very much impressed with the chickadees for

being so up to date.

"The chickadees were delighted that their concert had been such a

success, for, as a matter of fact, they had been rather nervous in

getting up a concert when the other birds had given such beautiful

ones during the spring. They knew that their voices were not at all

lovely, but the birds had wanted to hear them, and now the chickadees

were very, very happy."