: Old Testament Stories

Many interesting stories are told in the Bible, few of which are more

touching than that of Elisha the prophet, and the Shunammite woman.

This story we find in the fourth chapter of the Second Book of Kings.

We read of the prophet journeying to and fro, and resting in the

little chamber that the kind Shunammite had built for him on the wall

of her house. We see its bed, table, stool, and candlestick; and the

/> joy beaming upon the good woman's face when a tiny infant son was

given her. How she loved him! And as he grew up how carefully she

watched over him. But a sad time was coming.

The golden corn was in the field ready for reaping, for the harvest

time had come. The hot sun shone overhead, and the little lad was out

with his father in the field, probably running about among the corn.

Suddenly he felt a violent pain, and cried out, "My head, my head!"

Then joy was changed to sorrow. The father saw his son was ill, and

bade a lad carry the little boy to his mother, on whose knees he sat

till noon, and then he died.

Next we see the mother leaving her dead son, and journeying to find

the prophet. Elisha sees her coming, and sends Gehazi to inquire if

all is well. Then she falls down before the prophet and tells him her

trouble; and he sends his servant with his staff to lay it upon the

dead child. The story closes by stating how Elisha follows Gehazi,

goes to the chamber where the dead boy lay, prays to God that the life

may be restored, and finally has the joy of giving the lad, alive and

well again, into the arms of his mother.