The Ox And The Grasshopper

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

As in a field the sturdy Ox was ploughing,

A Grasshopper, close by him, shrilly sang out;

"Ah! what a crooked furrow, friend, you're making!

Then the Ox answered,--"Sure, my little lady,

If every other furrow were not drawn straight,

You never would perceive that this was crooked;

Stop, then, reproaches so unjust and futile;

For well I serve my master, and he heeds not

A single failure, in so much accomplished."

* * * * *

Now let the captious critic that presumeth,--

Vain Grasshopper, the useful Ox reproaching,--

To drag to light, from works of sterling merit,

Some petty blemish, take to himself our meaning.