The Mice and the Weasels

: Aesop's Fables

THE WEASELS and the Mice waged a perpetual war with each other,

in which much blood was shed. The Weasels were always the

victors. The Mice thought that the cause of their frequent

defeats was that they had no leaders set apart from the general

army to command them, and that they were exposed to dangers from

lack of discipline. They therefore chose as leaders Mice that

were most renowned for their family descent, st
ength, and

counsel, as well as those most noted for their courage in the

fight, so that they might be better marshaled in battle array and

formed into troops, regiments, and battalions. When all this was

done, and the army disciplined, and the herald Mouse had duly

proclaimed war by challenging the Weasels, the newly chosen

generals bound their heads with straws, that they might be more

conspicuous to all their troops. Scarcely had the battle begun,

when a great rout overwhelmed the Mice, who scampered off as fast

as they could to their holes. The generals, not being able to

get in on account of the ornaments on their heads, were all

captured and eaten by the Weasels.

The more honor the more danger.