The Lad And The Fox

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There was once upon a time a little lad, who was on his way to church,

and when he came to a clearing in the forest he caught sight of a fox

that was lying on the top of a big stone so fast asleep that he did not

know the lad had seen him.

"If I catch that fox," said the lad, "and sell the skin, I shall get

money for it, and with that money I shall buy some rye, and that rye I

shall sow in father's corn-f
eld at home. When the people who are on

their way to church pass by my field of rye they'll say: 'Oh, what

splendid rye that lad has got!' Then I shall say to them: 'I say, keep

away from my rye!' But they won't heed me. Then I shall shout to them:

'I say, keep away from my rye!' But still they won't take any notice of

me. Then I shall scream with all my might: 'Keep away from my rye!' and

then they'll listen to me."

But the lad screamed so loudly that the fox woke up and made off at once

for the forest, so that the lad did not even get as much as a handful of

his hair.

No; it's best always to take what you can reach, for of undone deeds you

should never screech, as the saying goes.