The Jingle Of The Little Jap

: Boys And Girls Bookshelf


There lives in a town that is called Chu-Bo

A little Jap girl named Nami-Ko.

She learns to spell and she learns to write,

But her A B C's are the oddest sight!

For this is the way that the letters look

In her neat little, queer little copy-book:

This little Jap girl has shoes most neat

o put on her tiny Japanese feet,

But O! They are queer--such heels, such toes!

You'd think she would fall on her little Jap nose!

And these are the shoes--beware of mishap

If you wear what belongs to a queer little Jap!

When this little Jap girl goes out to call

She wears no hat--but a parasol!

And her little Jap mother wears one too--

In fact it's the way that the Japs all do.

And this is the curious parasol

Which the little Jap girl wears out to call:

This little Jap girl, when she goes to bed,

Has no soft pillow beneath her head,

For little Jap girls have to take great care

Of their smooth little, black little Japanese hair!

And this is the pillow! Imagine, chicks,

A pillow like this--and as hard as bricks!