: New Testament Stories

In one of His beautiful parables, Jesus compares Himself to a

shepherd. "I am the good shepherd," says He, "the good shepherd giveth

his life for the sheep." And Jesus tells how the hired servant who

cares for nothing but his wages, runs away when the wolf comes; but

how the faithful shepherd, when robbers threaten his flock, or wild

beasts attack them, defends his sheep bravely, often laying down his

life for their sa
e. Jesus also speaks of how the shepherd knows his

sheep by name; and how, when he goes before them, they will follow

him, because they know his voice, but that they will not follow

strangers. And the Bible, speaking of Jesus Himself, says, "He shall

carry the lambs in His bosom," or His arms, like the kind shepherd is

doing in our picture.

Now, why does Jesus call Himself the "good shepherd," and the Bible

speak of Him as carrying the little lambs? Is it not because He loves

us; because He knows each one of us; because He gave His life for us

when He died on the cross, and has gone to heaven showing us the way

thither; because He calls us to follow Him; and because He is so

willing to lead even the tiny ones, and shield them from harm, just

like the good shepherd carries the poor wee lamb? But Jesus asks one

thing of us in return for all His kindness and care, and that one

thing is our love. Are we giving Him our love now? Are we asking Him

to lead us, and keep us safe from harm? May we seek to follow Him and

to know His voice.