The Glow-worm And The Daw

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A Jackdaw once ran up to a Glow-Worm and was about to seize him. "Wait a

moment, good friend," said the Worm; "and you shall hear something to

your advantage."

"Ah! what is it?" said the Daw.

"I am but one of the many Glow-Worms that live in this forest. If you

wish to have them all, follow me," said the Glow-Worm.

"Certainly!" said the Daw.

Then the Glow-Worm led him to a place in the wood where a fire had been

kindled by some woodmen, and pointing to the sparks flying about, said,

"There you find the Glow-Worms warming themselves round a fire. When you

have done with them, I shall show you some more, at a distance from this


The Daw darted at the sparks, and tried to swallow some of them; but his

mouth being burned by the attempt, he ran away exclaiming, "Ah, the

Glow-Worm is a dangerous little creature!"

Said the Glow-Worm with pride, "Wickedness yields to wisdom!"