The Courage Of His Convictions

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Mr. Lincoln made the great speech of his famous senatorial campaign at

Springfield, Illinois. The convention before which he spoke consisted

of a thousand delegates together with the crowd that had gathered with


His speech was carefully prepared. Every sentence was guarded and

emphatic. It has since become famous as "The Divided House" speech.

Before entering the
hall where it was to be delivered, he stepped into

the office of his law-partner, Mr. Herndon, and, locking the door, so

that their interview might be private, took his manuscript from

his pocket, and read one of the opening sentences: "I believe this

government cannot endure permanently, half slave and half free."

Mr. Herndon remarked that the sentiment was true, but suggested that it

might not be GOOD POLICY to utter it at that time.

Mr. Lincoln replied with great firmness: "No matter about the POLICY. It

is TRUE, and the nation is entitled to it. The proposition has been true

for six thousand years, and I will deliver it as it is written."