The Brazier and His Dog

: Aesop's Fables

A BRAZIER had a little Dog, which was a great favorite with his

master, and his constant companion. While he hammered away at

his metals the Dog slept; but when, on the other hand, he went to

dinner and began to eat, the Dog woke up and wagged his tail, as

if he would ask for a share of his meal. His master one day,

pretending to be angry and shaking his stick at him, said, "You

wretched little sluggard! what shall I do to you? While I am

hammering on the anvil, you sleep on the mat; and when I begin to

eat after my toil, you wake up and wag your tail for food. Do

you not know that labor is the source of every blessing, and that

none but those who work are entitled to eat?'