: Cinderella The Little Glass Slipper

"What a curious picture that is at the head of this story." That

is what I think I hear some of the "Little Ones" say. "What does

it mean?" some one asks. It looks like a procession of ants. That

is just what it is. A procession of ants all marching off to find

a new home. Some one has destroyed their old one. Let us hope no

one did it on purpose.

The ants are very busy and very nice little creatures. If

houses are stepped upon, or injured so as to be useless the ants

immediately go to work to repair damages. They do not sit down

and fuss about it first, but I have no doubt they let each other

know what they think. And how do you suppose they do this? By

touching each other with their tiny feelers.

After they have talked in this way, and decided what is to be

done some of them take the eggs from the ruins and carry them to

a safe place. Look carefully at the pictures, and you will see

that almost every ant is carrying an egg. They know that if they

lose the eggs all the young ants inside the eggs will be lost


While ants do not seem to have a very keen sense of hearing,

their sense of smell is very strong. And where do you think it

lies ? In the same little feelers with which they talk to each

other. The first ant's house seen in the round picture has been

cut in two to show you how wonderfully these little creatures can


It was made by the ants that live in tropical countries. The

house at the back of the picture has not been disturbed. Does

it not look as if an architect had planned it? Ask some of the

older people in your family to tell you something more about

ants. There is much more of interest in regard to them than I

have space to write you.