King Solomon And The Ants

: Nature Myths And Stories For Little Children

One morning the Queen of Sheba started back to her home in the south.

King Solomon and all his court went with her to the gates of the city.

It was a glorious sight.

The king and queen rode upon white horses.

The purple and scarlet coverings of their followers glittered with

silver and gold.

The king looked down and saw an ant hill in the path before them.
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"See yonder little people," he said, "do you hear what they are saying

as they run about so wildly?

"They say, 'Here comes the king, men call wise, and good and great.

'He will trample us under his cruel feet.'"

"They should be proud to die under the feet of such a king," said the

queen. "How dare they complain?"

"Not so, Great Queen," replied the king.

He turned his horse aside and all his followers did the same.

When the great company had passed there was the ant hill unharmed in the


The Queen said, "Happy indeed, must be your people, wise king. I shall

remember the lesson.

"He only is noble and great who cares for the helpless and weak."