: Popular Rhymes And Nursery Tales

The children are seated and the following questions put by one of the

party, holding a twisted handkerchief or something of the sort in the

hand. The handkerchief was called hewley-puley, and the questions are

asked by the child who holds it. If one answered wrongly, a box on the

ear with the handkerchief was the consequence; but if they all replied

correctly, then the one who broke silence first had that punishment.

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Take this! What's this?--Hewley-puley.

Where's my share?--About the kite's neck.

Where's the kite?--Flown to the wood.

Where's the wood?--The fire has burned it.

Where's the fire?--The water has quenched it.

Where's the water?--The ox has drunk it.

Where's the ox?--The butcher has killed it.

Where's the butcher?--The rope has hanged him.

Where's the rope?--The rat has gnawed it.

Where's the rat?--The cat has killed it.

Where's the cat?--Behind the church door, cracking

pebble-stones and marrow-bones for yours and my supper, and

the one who speaks first shall have a box on the ear.