: New Testament Stories

On one occasion, a proud Pharisee, whose name was Simon, invited Jesus

to eat with him. But the invitation was a cold one. There was no kiss

of welcome, no water to bathe His hot and dusty feet, no perfumed

ointment for His head: nothing but a bare admission to a vacant place

at the table was granted to Jesus. But there He reclined, His left

elbow resting on a cushion, and His feet projecting beyond the edge of

the cou

Now it happened that a poor, sinful woman was passing, who,

discovering that Jesus was in the house, timidly entered, and stood

behind Him. She had an alabaster box of ointment, and, as she looked

on Jesus, she wept. Her tears fell upon His feet; so, stooping down,

she tenderly wiped them away with her long hair; then she kissed the

Saviour's feet, and anointed them with the fragrant ointment. This was

done as a token of respect and love.

But an evil eye had noted the kindly act; and the proud Pharisee

thought within himself, if Jesus were the prophet He professes to be,

He would certainly have known that the woman was a great sinner, and

would not have allowed her to touch Him. But Jesus came to save

sinners. He loves them, though He hates their sins. He rebuked the

haughty Simon; and showed him how he had neglected the commonest rites

of hospitality towards his guest, while this poor woman had treated

Jesus with the greatest reverence. Then Jesus said, "Her sins which

are many are forgiven, for she loved much"; and He bade her go in