The Peasant And The Cucumbers

A peasant once went to the gardener's, to steal cucumbers. He crept up

to the cucumbers, and thought:

"I will carry off a bag of cucumbers, which I will sell; with the money

I will buy a hen. The hen will lay eggs, hatch them, and raise a lot of

chicks. I will feed the chicks and sell them; then I will buy me a young

sow, and she will bear a lot of pigs. I will sell the pigs, and buy me a

mare; the mare will foal me some colts. I will raise the colts, and sell

them. I will buy me a house, and start a garden. In the garden I will

sow cucumbers, and will not let them be stolen, but will keep a sharp

watch on them. I will hire watchmen, and put them in the cucumber patch,

while I myself will come on them, unawares, and shout: 'Oh, there, keep

a sharp lookout!'"

And this he shouted as loud as he could. The watchmen heard it, and they

rushed out and beat the peasant.

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