The Mole And Other Animals

Some four-footed creatures

Assembled one day,

At the game of the blind man

Together to play.

A Dog and a Monkey,

Brimful of his tricks--

With a Fox, Hare and Eat,

And a Squirrel--made six.

The Monkey, he blinded

The eyes of the whole;

Because of his hands

He had better control.

A Mole heard their frolic;

And said,--"Surely I

For this fun am just fitted--

I think I will try."

He asks to come in;

The Monkey agreed.

Some mischief, I doubt not,

He had in his head.

The Mole, at each step,

Would stumble and blunder.

With his skin-covered eyes,

It was, clearly, no wonder.

At the very first trial,--

As well may be thought,--

Without much ado,

His Moleship was caught.

To be blind-man, of course,

To him it now fell:

And who was there fitted

To act it so well?

But, to get up a sham--

With affected surprise,

Said he,--"What are we doing?

You've not blinded my eyes."

* * * * *

If a creature purblind

Thus pretends he can see,

Will the blockhead confess himself

Stupid--think ye?

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