The Lion Eagle And Bat

The Eagle and Lion

Held solemn debate;

To settle between them

Some matters of state

Loud complaints of the Bat

Made the Eagle--"How long

Shall this pitiful creature

Dare do us such wrong?

With my vassals mixing,

To her birdship she clings,--

As proof irrefragable,

Showing her wings;

But says, when she chooses

Our laws to defy,

I'm no subject of yours;

A plain quadruped I.

Would you call me a Bird?

A sad blunder you've made!

For I wear a broad snout,

And no beak, on my head?

With my vassals, she slanders

The Beasts of your reign;

When among you she wanders,

Of the Birds will complain."

"In my realm," said the Lion,

"No more shall she come."--

"Nor in mine," said the Eagle--

"Let that be her doom."

Thenceforward, in darkness,

She wanders alone;

No Bird and no Beast

Such companion will own.

Bats of authors, who seek

To be two things at once,

Take care lest ye prove

In both--but a dunce!

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