The people of Canaan, both in ancient and modern days, have made a

practice of hiding their treasures. This they have done to secure them

in times of danger. When invaders flocked into the land, the people

buried their gold and jewels, and fled. And often they died, or were

overtaken by their enemies and killed, so that they were unable to

return and regain their buried riches. Earthquakes also have taken

place, destroying towns and villages, and burying all the riches in

them beneath their ruins. Thus there is much hidden treasure in

Canaan, and numbers of the inhabitants spend their time seeking

diligently and anxiously for it.

Our artist shows us a man who is thus seeking. He has heard that in

old times a great treasure was hidden in a particular field. So he

digs away patiently in various places until, at last, he finds out

that what he heard is quite true. He is sure the treasure is _there_;

and his desire is to become possessed of the field, so that he may

obtain the buried riches. He is willing to sell all that he has if by

so doing he may buy that field. So he hastens home, and gathers

together the whole of his property and sells it. Then he takes his

money to the man who has the land for sale, and buys the field of him.

Thus he becomes possessed of the treasure he has sought after. Jesus

says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like that treasure. It is so

precious, that when a man finds out its value, and knows how it can be

obtained, he will be willing to give up everything he has for it--all

his companions, pleasures, sins, riches--indeed everything he

possesses, in order to gain this great treasure.

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