Mrs Dibbs--Polly Dibbs,

Standing at a tub,

Washing other people's clothes--


Poor, old, skinny arms

White with soapy foam--

At night she takes her shabby hat

And goes off home.

Mrs Dibbs--Polly Dibbs--

Is not very rich.

She goes abroad all day to scrub,

And home at night to stitch.

She wears her shabby hat awry,

Perched on a silly comb;

And people laugh at Polly Dibbs

As she goes home.

Mrs Dibbs--Mother Dibbs--

Growing very old,

Says, "it's a hard world!"

And sniffs and drats the cold.

She says it is a cruel world,

A weary world to roam.

But God will smile on Polly Dibbs

When she goes Home.

* * *

I suspect the Kookaburra,

For his methods are not thorough

In his highly praised campaign against the snakes.

And the small birds, one and all,

Curse him for a cannibal--

Though he certainly is cheerful when he wakes.

* * *

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