There are some flowers that never see the sun. One of the most

curious is the "evening primrose." About six o'clock it suddenly

bursts open, with a popping sound, and at six next morning


If you watch that pretty flower, and listen, you can hear

this strange performance.

This is why it does so. The little calyx holds the petals in such

a way that the moment it turns back they are let loose. At

once it bursts out into full flower, with this funny noise, like

a pop-gun.

So the "night-blooming cereus" blossom in the night, only for an

hour, giving out its sweet fragrance, and then dies. Just think

of never seeing the sun at all!

In a far Eastern country there is a kind of jasmine called the

"sorrowful tree." It droops as if sick in the daytime, and at

night grows fresh and bright. It opens its lovely flowers with a

very pleasant odor till morning, and then wilts and looks

wretched again.

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