Mr Lincoln And The Bible


A visitor in Washington once had an appointment to see Mr. Lincoln

at five o'clock in the morning. The gentleman made a hasty toilet

and presented himself at a quarter of five in the waiting-room of the

President. He asked the usher if he could see Mr. Lincoln.

"No," he replied.

"But I have an engagement to meet him this morning," answered the


"At what hour?" asked the usher.

"At five o'clock."

"Well, sir, he will see you at five."

The visitor waited patiently, walking to and fro for a few minutes, when

he heard a voice as if in grave conversation.

"Who is talking in the next room?" he asked.

"It is the President, sir," said the usher, who then explained that

it was Mr. Lincoln's custom to spend every morning from four to five

reading the Scriptures, and praying.

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