Did you see them pass to-day, Billy, Kate and Robin,

All astride upon the back of old grey Dobbin?

Jigging, jogging off to school, down the dusty track--

What must Dobbin think of it--three upon his back?

Robin at the bridle-rein, in the middle Kate,

Billy holding on behind, his legs out straight.

Now they're coming back from school, jig, jog, jig.

See them at the corner where the gums grow big;

Dobbin flicking off the flies and blinking at the sun--

Having three upon his back he thinks is splendid fun:

Robin at the bridle-rein, in the middle Kate,

Little Billy up behind, his legs out straight.


Hist! . . . . . . Hark!

The night is very dark,

And we've to go a mile or so

Across the Possum Park.

Step . . . . . . light,

Keeping to the right;

If we delay, and lose our way,

We'll be out half the night.

The clouds are low and gloomy. Oh!

It's just begun to mist!

We haven't any overcoats

And--Hist! . . . . . . Hist!

(Mo . . . . . . poke!)

Who was that that spoke?

This is not a fitting spot

To make a silly joke.

Dear . . . . . . me!

A mopoke in a tree!

It jarred me so, I didn't know

Whatever it could be.

But come along; creep along;

Soon we shall be missed.

They'll get a scare and wonder where

We--Hush! . . . . . . Hist!

Ssh! . . . . . . Soft!

I've told you oft and oft

We should not stray so far away

Without a moon aloft.

Oo! . . . . . . Scat!

Goodness! What was that?

Upon my word, it's quite absurd,

It's only just a cat.

But come along; haste along;

Soon we'll have to rush,

Or we'll be late and find the gate

Is--Hist! . . . . . . Hush!

(Kok!. . . . . . Korrock!)

Oh! I've had a shock!

I hope and trust it's only just

A frog behind a rock.

Shoo! . . . . . . Shoo!

We've had enough of you;

Scaring folk just for a joke

Is not the thing to do.

But come along, slip along--

Isn't it a lark

Just to roam so far from home

On--Hist! . . . . . . Hark!

Look! . . . . . . See!

Shining through the tree,

The window-light is glowing bright

To welcome you and me.

Shout! . . . . . . Shout!

There's someone round about,

And through the door I see some more

And supper all laid out.

Now, run! Run! Run!

Oh, we've had such splendid fun--

Through the park in the dark,

As brave as anyone.

Laughed, we did, and chaffed, we did,

And whistled all the way,

And we're home again! Home again!

Hip . . . . . . Hooray!

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