What a sad story the Bible tells us in the fourth chapter of Genesis!

Cain and Abel were brothers, the sons of Adam and Eve. How they should

have loved each other! Yet we find that Cain killed Abel. Why did he

do this?

Cain was a husbandman, who tilled the ground; Abel was a shepherd, who

kept sheep. One day each offered a sacrifice to God. Cain brought

fruit, and Abel brought a lamb. God accepted Abel's offering, but not

Cain's. Why? Well, I am not quite sure, but I think it was because

Abel offered his sacrifice according as God had commanded, and had

faith in a promised Saviour; but Cain simply acknowledged God's

goodness in giving him the fruits of the earth. God had probably told

them, too, that when they came to worship Him, they were to bring a

lamb or a kid as a sacrifice for their sins; this Abel had done, but

Cain had not. Cain was angry because God had accepted Abel's offering

and not his; and he hated his brother Abel.

God knew the evil thought Cain had towards his brother, and asked him,

"Why art thou wroth?" and said, "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be

accepted?" But Cain did still more wickedly. When out in the field he

killed his brother. Was it not a cruel deed? They were alone when this

murder was committed, yet one eye saw it all. God saw it, and said to

Cain: "Where is Abel, thy brother?" We cannot sin without God knowing

it! Cain told God a lie. He answered, "I know not." But he did know.

God was angry with Cain for his sin, and sent him as a fugitive and

vagabond to wander on the earth.

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