Buster's intentions are all very good, but he is so awkward and stupid

that he constantly stumbles into trouble, thereby causing his

acquaintances much unnecessary discomfiture and himself no end of

embarrassment. He is, furthermore, a terrific boaster, as you will

learn when you read of his many declarations of the pummeling he would

give the ferocious Robber Fly, if ever he chanced to meet that

devouring assassin. What Buster actually does when the unexpected

encounter takes place will afford you a good laugh at his expense,

and, finally, after you have romped and dallied with him through his

many happy excursions you will close the book with a feeling that it

has done you good to have known him, lazy and blundering though he is,

for he is indeed the best natured fellow, and he is so anxious to buzz

into everything that attracts his attention that you find you have

learned a great many things you never before dreamed of about the tiny

creatures of the fields.

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