God commanded the Israelites to destroy Jericho; and all the gold,

silver, and other riches found there were to be devoted to the Lord.

If any disobeyed this command then a curse was to rest upon all, and

they were not to prosper.

The Israelites were to conquer the Canaanites, and drive them out of

the land. So Joshua prepared to attack a city named Ai. Three thousand

of his men went to capture it, but the inhabitants came out and drove

them back, killing some of them. Joshua was greatly grieved. He knew

that unless God made the Israelites victorious, the Canaanites would

be able to overcome them, and God had appeared to fail them this time.

Oh! he was sorry. But he told God the trouble, and God showed him the

cause of it.

One of the Israelites, named Achan, saw among the spoil of Jericho, a

handsome garment, some silver, and a bar of gold, and coveted them. He

stole these things and hid them away in his tent, thinking that no one

saw him; but God knew it all. Achan's sin was the cause of Israel's

defeat! God showed Joshua how the man who had done the wickedness was

to be discovered. Each tribe was to be brought before God, then each

family of the tribe He chose, then each household of the family taken,

and lastly each man of the family chosen. Finally, Achan was pointed

out by God. Joshua bade him confess what he had done, and he said that

he had taken the Babylonish garment and the gold and silver.

Messengers were sent to his tent, who brought what Achan had hidden;

and he, with his sons and daughters, his cattle, and all that he had,

and the garment, silver, and gold, were taken to a valley near by,

where the people stoned them, and burned them with fire; and then

raised over all a great heap of stones, which remained as a memorial

to warn others against sinning as Achan had done.

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