Harry was playing with his letter blocks one afternoon, when a

prince came to visit him.

Harry knew the prince very well, indeed. As soon as the prince

came into the room Harry said:

"Hullo, old fellow, is that you?"

Was not that a very strange way to greet a prince?

And wasn't it stranger yet for Harry to say next:

@"Come, sit up, old boy, and give us your--"

Was it hand Harry was going to say? No, indeed, it was paw. "Sit

up, old boy, and give us your paw."

Prince was a beautiful dog, as black as a coal. Indeed, his real

name, his whole name, was Edward, the Black Prince. Now you must

ask somebody to tell you about the man who was called the "Black

Prince," the man for whom Harry's dog was named.

When Harry asked Prince to give his paw, the dog did not do it as

quickly as he ought to have done.

Did Harry beat him for that? No, indeed. Did he say, "Never mind,

Prince, you need not obey me if you do not want to?" No, indeed,


He sat up himself, and then he made Prince sit up on his hind

legs. Then he ordered Prince to give his paw. Prince did so. Then

Harry made him do it again, then again and again and again, until

the dog seemed to understand that he must learn to obey when he

was spoken to.

After Prince appeared to have learned that lesson quite

perfectly, Harry taught him something new.

He taught him to stand on his hind legs and hold a pipe in his


This he soon did so well that Harry clapped his hands and cried,

"Good, good, you smoke as well as his royal highness, the Black

Prince, himself."

Which remark showed that Harry had not yet begun to study

history. If he had, he would have known that in the country where

the Black Prince lived, tobacco was never heard of until many,

many, MANY years after his death.

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