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The Fairy's New Year Gift
The Little Match Girl
The Twelve Months - A Slav Legend
The Mail-coach Passengers
He Rescues The Birds
Lincoln And The Little Girl
Training For The Presidency
Why Lincoln Was Called Honest Abe
A Stranger At Five-points
A Solomon Come To Judgment
George Pickett's Friend
Lincoln The Lawyer
The Courage Of His Convictions
Mr Lincoln And The Bible
His Springfield Farewell Address
Saint Valentine
Prisoner's Valentine
A Girl's Valentine Charm
Mr Pepys His Valentine
Cupid And Psyche
The Trial Of Psyche:
Three Old Tales
Young George And The Colt
Washington The Athlete
Washington's Modesty
Washington At Yorktown
A Lesson Of Faith
A Child's Dream Of A Star
The Loveliest Rose In The World
The Snowdrop
The Three Little Butterfly Brothers
The Water-drop
The Spring Beauty
The Fairy Tulips
The Stream That Ran Away
The Elves
The Canyon Flowers
Clytie The Heliotrope
Echo And Narcissus
The Lark And Its Young Ones
Cornelia's Jewels
Queen Margaret And The Robbers
The Revenge Of Coriolanus
The Widow And Her Three Sons
Betsy Ross And The Flag
The Star-spangled Banner
The Little Drummer-boy
A Flag Incident
Two Hero-stories Of The Civil War
Ii The Bravery Of Richard Kirtland
The Young Sentinel
The Colonel Of The Zouaves
General Scott And The Stars And Stripes
The Declaration Of Independence
The Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence
A Brave Girl
The Boston Tea-party
A Gunpowder Story
The Capture Of Fort Ticonderoga
Washington And The Cowards
The Smithy
The Nail
The Elves And The Shoemaker
The Hillman And The Housewife
Hofus The Stone-cutter
The Metal King
The Choice Of Hercules
The Speaking Statue
The Champion Stone-cutter
Bill Brown's Test
Columbus And The Egg
Columbus At La Rabida
The Mutiny
The First Landing Of Columbus In The New World
The Old Witch
Hansel And Grethel
Burg Hill's On Fire
The King Of The Cats
The Strange Visitor
The Benevolent Goblin
The Phantom Knight Of The Vandal Camp
The First Harvest-home In Plymouth
The Master Of The Harvest
Saint Cuthbert's Eagle
The Ears Of Wheat
How Indian Corn Came Into The World
The Nutcracker Dwarf
The Pumpkin Pirates
The Spirit Of The Corn
The Horn Of Plenty
After Celia Thaxter
The Stranger Child
Saint Christopher
The Christmas Rose
The Wooden Shoes Of Little Wolff
The Pine Tree
The Christmas Cuckoo
The Christmas Fairy Of Strasburg
The Three Purses
The Thunder Oak
The Christmas Thorn Of Glastonbury
The Three Kings Of Cologne
The Little Tree That Longed For Other Leaves
Why The Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves
Why The Aspen Quivers
The Wonder Tree
The Proud Oak Tree
Baucis And Philemon
The Unfruitful Tree
The Dryad Of The Old Oak
The Old Woman Who Became A Woodpecker
The Boy Who Became A Robin
The Tongue-cut Sparrow
The Quails A Legend Of The Jataka
The Magpie's Nest
The Greedy Geese
The King Of The Birds
The Dove Who Spoke Truth
The Busy Blue Jay
Babes In The Woods
The Pride Of The Regiment
The Mother Murre